You Don't Have to be Perfect to Start

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As I walked into the coffee shop I frequently go to work at, I ran into a woman I know, Judy. Judy mentioned how she seen I was up to some new things. I told her how I feel like I finally found my passion and decided to just go for it. She was excited for me. I was excited to talk about it.

I mentioned how I have had thoughts of planning events for years.....even back to a child, and how I wished I could have followed that path along time ago. She looked at me and said "the things in life just pile on over top and eventually it is so covered up that you just don't see it anymore". She is so right! How long have we all let life things pile on top of what we really want to do or feel passion for? What did you want to do when you were younger, before life and pressures were piled on? (Judy is a very wise woman who will always make you laugh and feel good.) 

I lost my corporate job as an Executive Assistant in January. I was heart-broken. After a couple months I had the ah ha moment that it wasn't the job I lost that I was so upset about. It was what I got to do for my job. I got to plan events. I got to see the joy people had at the events. I love every detail, every piece. I embraced what was happening and celebrated that I finally found what I want to do......plan Events. Extraordinary, memorable events. 

I am very much a person who wants all her ducks in a row and everything "just right" before starting things. I love to have an exact plan in place and then attack. I usually feel a bit out of wack if those things don't happen, but I have learned to be ok with things not perfect. I have learned that taking action is the key to moving past perfection and I have to has been truly liberating!  

Here are 3 things I did to start without being perfect.

  1. Just do something - it is amazing how much better you feel when you just do something toward what you want. My biggest challenge was designing my website. I just did something. It felt good, so I changed it a little and again and here it is! I feel great about it now. Is it perfect? Nope. But it's mine, I did it :-)
  2. Accountability - having someone to use for accountability. Someone that will help you make sure you are just doing something (above).
  3. Believe - you need to believe in yourself. Belief that you are worthy and that you are enough. That you can do what you want to do. For me, I needed someone to help me believe in me. I had 2 very important people: a great friend and a mindset coach. Without these 2 amazing people, this step (for me) would have been extremely challenging.

I am so blessed that things happened the way they did and that I am always a work-in-progress.