16 Days to Sixteen


My oldest daughter turned 16 on July 4th (yes, a firecracker baby). I decided since this is a big milestone birthday that I wanted to do something special. 16 Day to Sixteen it was. You know, like the 12 Days of Christmas?

Each day for 16 days leading up to her birthday she received a gift. I spent quite a few days brainstorming what types of gifts....ones that wouldn't end up being too horribly expensive. I started making a list of the things she liked....things like 3 Musketeers, Mountain Dew, Victoria Secret, and even Hawaiian buns. This was so fun but at times a bit challenging. Was I up for that challenge? Heck YES!

Day 1: One Big bag of Swedish Fish

Day 2: Two items from Victoria Secret

Day 3: Three times to Caribou

Day 4: Four items to decorate bedroom wall

Day 5: Five Redbox Movie Codes

Day 6: Six coupons to Get Out of Chores (pretty sure she used them all already)

Day 7: Seven cans of Arnold Palmers

Day 8: Eight mini bags of nacho cheese Doritos (she loves to eat them with cream cheese)

Day 9: Nine truffles

Day 10: Mini candy bars (3 Musketeers & Milky Ways)

Day 11: Eleven homemade chocolate covered strawberries

Day 12: Dozen Hawaiian Rolls

Day 13: Thirteen Mountain Dews (12 cans and one bottle)

Day 14: Fourteen hair ties

Day 15: Fifteen pieces of gum

Day 16: Sixteen homemade paper roses (these were so fun to make!)


Each day my daughter "C" couldn't wait to get her gift! She would ask me right away (barely awake) if she could get her gift for the day. One day I put it in her doorway and she almost tripped over it (again, barely awake lol). It is still a bit bittersweet that my oldest is 16. 

I love to celebrate my kids on their birthdays! Celebrations are my favorite! I want to celebrate every day, no matter if it is good or bad.....there is always something to celebrate.