Your true passion should feel like breathing; it’s that natural.
— Oprah Winfrey

Kim has been Wedding Coordinator for 7 years at her church and has worked in a tuxedo/floral shop. She has 22 years of administrative experience and has planned events for companies she worked for or for friends and family all of those years. After losing her corporate job as an Executive Assistant, where she mostly planned meetings and events, she started her journey with Kim Louise Designs.  “Losing that job made me realize my passion and that I should do what makes my heart sing!”

“I LOVE planning events and designing them! I LOVE all the details! I LOVE seeing the faces of people while having a great time at an event! I feel great joy when I see clients and their guests having a wonderful time creating memories. I want make you feel like you are a guest at your own event.”

Kim lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and is blessed with 5 awesome kiddos (4 girls and a boy). Kim wants to inspire women and moms to Embrace & Celebrate the chaos of life. She loves watching Dancing with the Stars, HGTV and Food Network. She hopes to one day be featured on The Kitchen. I love to dance and would love to be on Dancing with the Stars :-)

Click on the images below to learn more about the things I love and what is on my Live List (aka Bucket List).

Click on the images above to learn about the Things I Love

and what is on my Live List (aka Bucket List)